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My Priorities for Colorado Springs

My Priorities: Welcome

I'm asking you to trust my leadership. For the next several years every state and city in the nation will face economic and other hardships and Colorado Springs is not immune. My priorities when achieved will establish a safe community with a solid infrastructure that is balanced throughout the city. Furthermore, my priorities are designed to set every citizen up for the future by getting the local government out of the way so you can optimize the use of your talents and skills and your home and business to best meet your needs and the needs of others. Let's win this!  


  • My top priority is fixing our growing crime problem. My goal is to make Colorado Springs the safest city in the nation. I believe this focus will prove to be the most crucial factor in the attraction, expansion, and retention of our businesses and workforce development.

  • I will be personally involved in improving public safety employee retention, recruitment, and community relations.

  • There will be a renewed emphasis on arresting all criminals.

  • I will lead a coalition to repeal legislation that makes it easier for people to commit crimes and legislation that creates personal liability for first responders lawfully performing their duties.

  • I will impose a city-wide zero tolerance policy for panhandling and violators will be arrested.

  • Improving response times and protecting private property will receive greater emphasis.  


  • I will implement a more balanced infrastructure improvement plan for our streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and parks. Our older neighborhoods will be elevated to the same standard as our newer developments.

  • Homelessness will be managed as a community initiative.

    • I will eliminate codes that hinder people from using their property to provide shelter.

    • The private sector, faith-based organizations, and non-profit community will be encouraged to financially invest in new and innovative non-government housing solutions.

    • I will support relocating individuals and families that desire housing in other communities.

  • I support flexible zoning proposals that maximize private property rights.

  • My policy decisions regarding the growth and expansion of our city will focus on preparing and responding to our on-going drought conditions and risk for wildfires.

  • I believe that it’s not the government’s job to use tax-payer funding to artificially influence the affordable housing market.  

  • I support community partnerships, initiatives, and volunteerism designed to improve our overall health and wellness, cleanliness, safety, and quality of life.

  • I will strongly oppose the government’s use of smart technology to collect and use our citizen’s personal information without express consent.

COVID-19 And Future Pandemic Response Community Standards

  • I will ensure that all businesses within the city limits are designated as Essential for the purpose of COVID and future pandemic regulations.

  • I will defend the right for all businesses to Remain Open during federal, state, or local lockdown directives or recommendations.

  • I will oppose the implementation of federal and state ordered Vaccine and Mask Mandates at the local level.

  • I will oppose federal, state, and local government efforts to mandate Proof of Vaccination Status for any reason such as to work, shop, exercise, or attend entertainment events.

  • I will fight to ensure that all City Permits granted, prohibit event organizers from requiring proof of vaccination to enter the venue.

  • I will oppose the city’s involvement in applying for any Grants, Contracts and other Funding Opportunities that require the city to implement vaccine mandates.

  • I will oppose the City’s Partnership with private organizations that have implemented vaccine mandates for their own workers or contractors.

  • I will oppose all efforts that intentionally or unintentionally create a Two-Class Society, one for the vaccinated and one for the unvaccinated.

  • I support the individual right to decide whether to get vaccinated or wear a mask.

Community Supply Chain Management And Energy

  • I will fight to ensure that our community supply chain management is designated as a Strategic Priority.

  • I will create a Community Task Force that identifies national supply chain problems and proposes local solutions to create a sustainable supply of all goods and services for our residents.

  • I will support policies and zoning modifications that Expand the Local Production and Delivery of all goods and services.

  • I will repeal Policies, Regulations, and Fees that negatively impact the local production or delivery of all goods and services.

  • I will support Flexible Zoning that expands the areas within the city for community gardens and other areas for people to raise food.

  • I will propose policies and infrastructure improvements that protect the reliability and availability of our power grid.

  • I will fight against onerous Federal and State carbon emissions and renewable energy standards that impact our Home Rule Authority or personal sovereignty.

Leadership Role in the Defense of the Nation

  • Colorado Springs has the privilege to Host 5 Military Installations and numerous commands and defense centers.

  • I will continue the legacy of providing unwavering support to our Defenders of Freedom and Liberty.

  • I will strive to establish a National Standard of Excellence for all services provided for our military members, veterans, and their families such as transition and employment, behavioral health and wellness services, attainable housing, and other quality of life resources.

  • I will encourage community support for all service members forced to leave the military for anything less than an Honorable Discharge for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccination.

  • I will continue to fight for Colorado Springs to become the permanent host for U.S. Space Command.

Commitment to Excellence

  • I will ensure that the city’s Standard of Excellence for core services is consistently achieved.

  • I will support Deregulation so you can use your property and business the way you want.

  • I will recognize Community Partnerships, Initiatives, and Volunteerism as critical elements to our city’s overall health and wellness, cleanliness, safety, and quality of life.

Opportunity For All

  • I will propose and defend Pro-Freedom Policies that protect our constitutional rights and religious liberties. 

  • I will propose and support School Safety Initiatives.

  • I will encourage and facilitate interagency, faith-based, and private sector solutions to assist People Transitioning Out of the Corrections System.

  • I will promote policies that provide solutions to the Growing Decline in Our Workforce and will make it desirable for people to seek employment.

  • I will support policies and zoning modifications to encourage Innovative, Mobile and Home-Based Businesses Options that will increase employment opportunities.

My Priorities: Causes
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