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Home Rule Authority - Your Local Protector

Article XX of the Colorado Constitution grants local municipalities like Colorado Springs the power to exercise control over issues of “local concern.” This means that if there are matters in dispute, like the Federal or State government’s desire to implement COVID vaccine and mask mandates at the local level, Colorado Springs can use all the necessary means within its Home Rule Authority to fight these orders.

If I am elected Mayor of Colorado Springs, I will use our Home Rule Authority to fight against all Federal and State vaccine and mask mandates.

I will further designate COVID-19 and our Response to Future Pandemics as a matter that falls within our Home Rule authority and will fight to implement the following community standards:

· The City will support informed consent and the Individual Right to decide whether to get vaccinated or wear a mask.

· The City shall designate all businesses as Essential and Shall be Allowed to Remain Open during COVID and future pandemics responses.

· The City will not partner with or contract with organizations and agencies that impose Vaccine and Mask Mandates or Require Proof of Vaccination Status to work, shop, bank, exercise, attend entertainment events etc.

· The City will not approve Permits for events requiring proof of vaccination status or masks.

· The City shall oppose efforts that intentionally or unintentionally create a Two-Class Society, one for the vaccinated and one for the unvaccinated.

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