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The Attacks Begin

Last week, I sent out a message on Veterans Day to honor the sacrifices made by our veterans and their families. Words that were meant to express respect and gratitude were instead repurposed by some to negatively influence public opinion about my entry into the next Colorado Springs Mayoral Race.

This is disappointing but not surprising. We’ve long passed the point in our society when the majority would thoughtfully debate issues impacting our community without personal attacks and hyperbole. I'm proud to stand with the minority today, those who have not moved from the position of welcoming and encouraging a different perspective.

I plan to use my background, experience and commitment to my faith to establish a respectful tone over the needed solutions to a growing list of challenges for our community. And, my desire to participate in personal attacks and insults are best summarized in (1 Peter 3:8-9).

If you agree that we must commit to reestablishing a respectful tone in this election cycle, your contribution TODAY of $25, $50, $100 or more will help me spread our message.

We still have major challenges ahead. If you would like to JOIN ME in this fight go to to learn more.

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